Why I Like Pure Argan Oil from Morocco

Urban ManI hate moisturisers that contain chemicals and highly perfumed products irritate my sensitive skin. I suffer from Eczema too and my skin is often sore and dry. Pure Argan Oil has no smell and is 100% pure; the sole ingredient is the nut oil itself. I find that it gets rid of the dryness once I’ve applied it by quickly absorbing into the skin and for me it’s like irrigating a dry field. I liken it to when you water plants and the water vanishes – so does Argan oil – on the surface of my skin leaving it soft and supple.

Urban Man

I live in a big city and have a stressful lifestyle. Although I’m a physically fit man and in good health apart from having Eczema; I’ve found that not only does Argan oil moisturise my skin but I can also use it as a hair serum and as an after shave balm.

RazorGoodbye Razor Burn

I don’t have any razor burn because, I can use it prior to shaving to loosen up the coarse stubble shave with it then rinse off, pat my face dry and another few drops gives me all the moisture and protection I need as well as a smooth complexion and glowing radiance. My girlfriend loves the texture of my skin and so do I. Occasionally when our supply of Pure Argan oil is running low, we become very precious with the quantity we use.

Hair Serum

My hair is wavy and thick and is known to change shape during the day unless it is cut and styled regularly. Pure Argan oil gives me the element of control that I need to see me through the day. I apply a few drops after showering and style as usual. It keeps my hair in great condition and leaves in a nice rich sheen. It protects and nourishes and has taken my hair from unmanageable to controlled and sleek.

BathBath Time

I’m a member of a local boxing gym and as you can imagine the workouts are hard on the body and I sweat buckets when I am training. It’s a hot, sweaty environment and can be very drying on the skin and as an Eczema sufferer I have to be careful. Twice a week I take a bath with added Argan oil. Just a few drops in the water and a good all over exfoliation whilst in the bath and this gets rid of all the dry skin. Afterwards a full body massage is a welcome prospect but only if my girl is home and not out gallivanting.

Look After Myself

Looking after myself makes me feel better and feeling better gives me confidence in my everyday life and in my relationship. Eczema has been the bane of my life for years and since I’ve found the benefits of using Pure Argan oil, I’ll never go back to chemically enhanced products that took away the worst symptoms but often left me with side effects, which at times were hard to cope with.

Today people remark that I look good, I pass on the word about Pure Argan Oil and they ask is this the reason? My answer is – YES.

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